xCode generare .IPA senza certificato


#Todo sistemare

1) Aprire il progetto con XCode

2) Settare Product->Destination->Generic iOS Device 

3) Cliccare Product->Archive


You can do it by this way:

1)Clean your project.

2)Build your project.

3)Go to products menu -> select build for -> select Profiling.

4)In project navigator, find you .app product.

5)Right click on it and click show in finder.

6)There you will find folder naming "Release-iphoneos", in this folder you will find your .app extension file.

7)Create a folder named "Payload", copy that .app file in this folder.

8)Archive your folder.

9)After archive, rename your folder to name of your app and change its extension from ".zip" to ".ipa"

10)Your IPA is ready for sharing.

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