Generate .onion domain

.onion domain adavantages

  • A .onion domain don't require a public IP
  • .onion domains are free and you can access to it from anywhere using Tor browser
  • You don't need a SSL certificate, .onion website are end-to-end encrypted
  • You don't need a public IP and you don't need to deal with port forwading on your router

Generate a good domain

Tor v2: Scallion (GPU based miner)

Usage example: scallion -o keys.txt -k 1024 -c -d 0 "erlipan[234567][234567][234567]|esempio"

  • -o keys.txt output to file
  • -c continue generate even if it find a match
  • -d 0 default GPU device (scallion.exe -l for list of device)
  • erlipan prefix so if find everything starting with "erlipan"
  • [234567] each of this mean a number from 2-7 (The domain is base 32 so there is only 6 number and 26 letter)
  • |esempio "|" mean "or" and "esempio" is the other possibility

So this examples:  "erlipan223", "esempio", "erlipan564" are accepted

Tor v3: mkp224o (CPU based miner)

Usage is very similar mkp224o.exe -s "erlipan|esempio" where -s stand for second between update and without argument it will be 10 second (It's the default value)


Tor v2 is way shorter than v3 and easier to generate a good domain, if you don't do this you will get a domain like azek6q6gcuhjh5oq.onion (v2 domain) and that's petty hard to remember

After around generation I've got this domain erlipan226erdio6.onion and that's petty good but if you have a supercomputer like Facebook you can get domain like facebookcorewwwi.onion (This is the official Facebook dark site)

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